Summit Schedule
Friday, March 31, 2017

Doors & Registration Open

Vendor Exhibition

Welcoming Remarks 


Introductory Remarks


Keynote Speech

Bart Watson, Ph.D., Brewers Association chief economist

Katie Marisic, Brewers Association federal affairs manager


Morning Breakout Sessions

QC2 Lab Tours Available, Drop Ins Welcome

Business Track

  • Creating a Distinct and Sustainable Brand:
    Join Presenting Sponsor Bernstein Shur and brewers as they explore all facets of IP, from beer names and logo designs to slogans and recipes – learn why it’s critical to protect your intellectual property.

    • John Moran, Bernstein Shur, Moderator.
    • Jim Keenan, Bernstein Shur, Panelist.
    • Brandon Mazer, Shipyard Brewing Company
    • Tim Adams, Oxbow Brewing Company
    • Will Sears, Oxbow Brewing Company

  • Your HR Toolkit:
    HR tools that are required by law, and others that simply make good business sense.

    • Debby Olken, KMA HR Consulting.
    • Katy Rand, Pierce Atwood.
    • Pamela Megathlin, Maine Department of Labor.
    • Jennifer Harnish, Baker Newman Noyes
  • Finding Cash Through Tax & Grant Incentives to Grow your Business:
    There are many ways brewers can access cash by taking advantage of tax incentives. Learn how to make the most of what’s available from R&D credits to city grants.

    • Matt Pore, Baker Newman Noyes.
    • Patrick Wright, City of Gardiner.
    • Andrea Smith, Maine Department of Economic & Community Development.

Technical Track

  • All About Hops:
    How to properly source, contract and evaluate hops.

    • Dave Hartmann, Yonkers Brewing.
    • Peter Busque, Crosby Hops.
    • John Bonney, Foundation Brewing Co.
  • Maintaining Safety and Quality Standards: 
    As your brewery grows, it’s important to maintain both quality and safety standards. Brewers and safety experts will lead you through scaling for both growth and quality.

    • Joel Mahaffey, Foundation Brewing Co.
    • Dana Johnson, Birko Chemical.
    • Patrick Chavanelle, Allagash Brewing Co.



Luncheon, Vendor Exhibition Open, Beer Sampling

QC2 Lab Tours Available (Sign Up Required at Lab table in Sullivan Gym)


Midday Breakout Sessions 

Business Track

  • Distribution Panel:
    A discussion on distribution from all sides, moderated by author Laura Lodge.

    • Tim Wissemann, Mariner Beverages.
    • John Moran, Bernstein Shur.
    • Christie Mahaffey, Foundation Brewing Co.
    • Steve Johnson, Moat Mountain Brewing Co.
  • From 10 Barrels to 20,000:
    As your brewery grows, so do the risks you need to be attuned to. Learn how best to protect yourself before a liability occurs and discover how your coverage should change as you grow.

    • James Sanborn, GHM Insurance.
    • Matt Janick  Acadia Insurance Company.
    • Jonathan Dunitz, Verrill Dana.
  • Tell Your Story, A PR Crash Course for Brewers:
    Taking out ads is one thing – but generating media coverage around what makes your brewery unique can be even more powerful. Learn how to tell your story and secure earned media from PR industry pros, reporters from mainstream and industry publications.

    • Linda Varrell, Broadreach PR, Moderator.
    • Jeff Pillet-Shore, Marketing Director Allagash.
    • Tory Ryden, WCSH & Positively Maine with Tory Ryden (WGAN)
    • Dan Adams, Boston Globe
    • Nicole Carrier, Throwback Brewery

Technical Track

  • Brewers Association Safety:
    Matt Stinchfield, Safety Ambassador for the Brewers Association, will cover the essentials of running a safe and compliant brewery.
  • Using Barrels in Brewing:
    A hands on workshop that covers sourcing, repairing and using barrels.

    • Matt Albrecht, River Drive Cooperage.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

QC2 Lab Tours Available Drop Ins Welcome

Business Track

  • Financing 101, How to access capital and plan for financial success:
    Learn how loan officers evaluate your applications, consider new financing opportunities, and how to access capital in ways to grow and sustain your brewery.

    • Terry Trickey, Bangor Savings Bank.
    • Helen Sterling Coburn, Bernstein Shur.
    • Peter Bissell, Bissell Bros. Brewing Co.
    • Mark Googins, Verrill Dana
  • Destination Breweries:
    You’ve started a brewery in a very small town, but how do you get people to visit you? Is it through a Beer Trail program, a locally produced map, or solely through word of mouth? Let’s explore how to create an unforgettable experience in your very unique location that will drive thirsty guests through the doors…and home as fans of your brand wearing your merchandise and drinking your beer.

    • Russell Walters, Northern Outdoors/Kennebec River Pub and Brewery.
    • Don Littlefield, Maine Brew Bus
  • Beer Server Training:
    The presentation covers the main purpose and use of the Brewers Association Beer Server Training Manual for Brewpubs to assist and enhance the owners and staff in their efforts to create smart sustainable growth with a solid beer server education program. Ginger Johnson and Laura Lodge, authors of the manual, will present and answers questions after leading attendees through a rapid fire exercise to kick/start their own beer server training program.

Technical Track

  • Getting the Most out of Malt: Learn how to interpret the certificate of analysis to better understand the performance of different malts, styles and characteristics, and maximize brewhouse performance.
    • Aaron MacLeod, Hartwick College.
    • Joel Alex, Blue Ox Malthouse.
  • Quality Control Panel:
    Consistently making top quality beer is the new baseline for success. Hear how the University of Southern Maine helps Maine brewers establish an in-house QC program, and learn how other breweries apply QC/QA principles within the brewhouse.

    • Luci Benedict, USM QC2 Laboratory.
    • Merritt Waldron, Rising Tide Brewing Co.
    • Zach Bodah, Allagash Brewing Co.
  • Creating an Eco-Friendly Brewery:
    From solar panels to wastewater, learn how to make your brewery more environmentally friendly, and why it matters.

    • Julie Churchill, ME DEP
    • Luke Truman, Allagash Brewing Co.

Happy Hour, Vendor Exhibition Area Open

QC2 Lab Tours Available (Sign Up Required at Lab table in Sullivan Gym)