Why Attend the NE Brew Summit?

The New England Brew Summit is the premier regional, craft beer industry B2B conference, bringing together everyone involved in the craft beer industry in one collaborative space.

This full-day conference attracts professionals working within and around the craft beer industry from around the Northeast and beyond.

More than just a trade-show of vendor booths, the New England Brew Summit is all about bringing people in the craft beer industry together to share ideas and knowledge that will move the industry forward in a sustainable way.

We are planning more than a dozen workshops throughout the day with technical brewing topics, business topics, and, new in 2018 – Front of House/ Hospitality/ Tasting Room and Pub Operations – with special guest Tim Brady, the Brewers Association Beer Server Training Manual Instructor presenting “Your Service Sucks” -That Guy On Yelp.

To top it all off, we’ll have a great lunch, several pours of beer from across the region and a happy hour to celebrate all the craft beer industry has achieved!

We are finalizing the schedule and presenters, but a peek at the titles of some of our planned presentations is below. (subject to change).

Technical Brewing:

  • Amber Waves of Grain: The use of locally grown grains and malts in your production.
  • Ten Fingers, Ten Toes: Brewery Safety 101
  • Beyond Hoisting a Pint: Setting up and running a Sensory Program in small and mid-sized breweries.
  • What’s Old is New: – The rebirth and growth of Eastern hops and differences between PNW Hops.
  • Beyond the Can-Do Attitude: QA/QC in your canning process.
  • Better Living Through Chemistry: Local Water Chemistry and the Impact it can have on your beer.
  • Barrel Aging: A primer on barrels, barrel usage, and best practices for barrel aging beer.

Tasting Room/ Brewpub Operations/ Front of House:

  • “Your Service Sucks” -that guy on Yelp: Tim Brady, Brewers’ Association Beer Server Training Manual Instructor will talk about the most important aspects of good service as perceived by your guests and offer tips and take-aways about how to creatively use the brewpub server training manual and make your staff shine.
  • Rough Draft and Breaking Bottlenecks: Solutions to draft dispensing problems, and strategies to make your tasting room or bar more efficient.
  • But Wait, There’s More: Going ‘beyond-the-beer’ to consider how to grow your pub or tasting room as a space for your local community.
  • And Now, The Main Event: The basic, and not-so-basic steps to putting on great events.
  • Out of the Brewery, Into the Light: Strategies and Tips to bringing the production experience out of ops and into your front of house.

Business Operations: 

  • Selling Here to There: How to take ‘local’ outside of your community.
  • I’m Sorry, Who Are You Again?: Brand-building in a crowded marketplace.
  • Don’t Let Boring Become Exciting: All the stuff you don’t like thinking about – but know you need to do; creating a checklist to cover your bases as you grow your business.
  • The Legal Side of Things: The Craft Beverage Practice Group of Presenting Sponsor Bernstein Shur shares their deep expertise at the intersection of craft beer and the law.
  • Money and Financing: A Perspective from the Other Side of the Desk: Financial experts share how they evaluate your loan, make decisions on financing, and resources available to grow your brewery.

All sessions are subject to change, please check back to this page for final sessions.